Easy Icon Maker

Easy Icon Maker 5.02

Edit, change or extract icons easily with Easy Icon Maker

If you’re looking to make, edit, change or extract icons, Easy Icon Maker is a small and easy-to-use all-in-one utility.
With Easy Icon Maker you can edit a transparent or opaque icon and customize the size. Colors available are monochrome (1 bit) 16 colors (4 bits), 256 colors (8 bits), true colors (24 bits), or true colors + alpha channel (32 bits).

Edit your own professional icons easily and quickly with a built-in editor. It is also possible to extract an icon from an EXE or DLL file. Go ahead and import graphic files that are BMP, JPG or GIF and save it into an icon file or export the file to a graphic file.

The capture button allows you to capture any area on the screen and edit it. It is easy to turn a screen-captured image into an icon. The filters allow you to process the icon, using special effects like lightening, softening, darkening, blur, emboss and more. You can also change binary files to EXE, OCX, DLL, SCR icons.

This version includes enhanced tools such as Icon changer, Icon Searcher, Icon Extractor and Icon Explorer.

Easy Icon Maker is compatible with Windows XP.

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